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See, All Hope is Not Lost For Gen Y (Real Men at Colorado Batman Shooting)

I’ve heard older people, and even sometimes younger, say that there is no longer good in youth.  I’ve especially heard older generations claim that things have done nothing but go downhill since their younger days. Isn’t that always the way? … Continue reading

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How to Deal With Facebook Pokes AKA Invisibility Cloak of Goodness

A few of my friends have recently been contemplating the questions “What exactly is a Facebook poke” and “How do I make them stop?” If you have ever been “poked,” you are probably familiar with notifications like this: They can … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Block App/Game Requests (Warning: May Scare Small Children…and me)

I’ve recently noticed some of my Facebook friends saying that they will delete/unfriend people that send them app/game requests.  This saddens me because I know that some of the games automatically send out requests when you play, so some of … Continue reading

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