People Stood. What Would You Do?

I love What Would You Do? I saw this a day late, but at least they posted it in memory of 9/11. The soldier may not think he is a hero, but I bet many think what he did was heroic, including me.

I believe the other people in the video who stood up for another person are also heroes. A terrible thing happened twelve years ago. It put a scar on America that will be felt for many years to come. Because of that, the word “terrorist” has been put in our faces so much, especially with the War on Terror, that we sometimes forget that it simply means “person who terrorizes or frightens others.
It can happen anywhere and in the smallest situation, such as the one in the video. It isn’t isolated to a certain group of people, and it only stops when we stand up for, instead of terrorizing, each other.

The passengers in the airplane on 9/11/01 stood up against the hijackers and crashed the plane to protect other people. They sacrificed themselves for others.

The rescue workers stood up and walked through fire and rubble for other people. They risked their own safety, and some died, to rescue others from that situation.

Soldiers fight to protect their family, friends, loved ones, and their nation as a whole. They don’t fight to protect themselves. They risk themselves for other people. They fight to protect everyone within the nation, not just certain people.

In America, we are lucky because our soldiers fight for, not only our lives and safety, but also our basic freedoms.

That’s what I remember on 9/11. The towers fell, but people stood.

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