A Wedding Like I Had Never Seen

A couple weeks ago, a relative of Carlton’s got married, and I got to go to the wedding. First off, it was beautiful. Secondly, I had never seen a wedding quite like this one.

I said, “Look, babe! Look what they are doing. It’s just like TV!”

Carlton laughed at me.

What were these people doing that was so neat and different to me?

They were dancing!!

I’ve mentioned before that dancing was illegal where I grew up. So, I had never seen the couple’s or the father-daughter dances that were only real to me on TV. If you danced in the town closest to where I grew up, you could be fined. That’s why we had to have prom about 25 miles away from home.

We were told that dancing was inappropriate because dancing leads to sex. Sex is bad. So, dancing was a no-no. Sounds logical, right?

I recently mentioned this to a group of people from church, and the looks and comments I got were hilarious. Jaws dropped. Faces formed into confused expressions.

The wedding dancing was actually nice, though. It began as wedding dancing does on TV. The bride danced with her father and her new husband. Then, the floor opened up for everyone else.

The rest was more on the funny and cute side. Adults danced quite a bit. However, the main people dancing were who? The kids!!

Picture several kids out there dancing any way they want to songs like Turn Down for What. It was a hoot!

They were waving their arms and jumping around. Some tried to break dance like the older people (the 20-somethings) who were not actually break dancing but instead kinda mocking it. The result was usually the kid bending over and touching the ground while turning his body in a circle around his hands. Can you say adorable?

When Cha Cha Slide came on, the kids tried copying the adults and did a really good job. I was impressed. A little bit later, they deciding Ring Around the Rosie was the appropriate move. They all joined hands and turned together in a circle…to Billie Jean. They were laughing and having a blast the whole time.

This wedding dancing was not inappropriate. It was a time for family and friends to get together and have a nice time. It was a time for kids to act silly with their parents and older cousins.

It was lovely. Nothing more and nothing less.

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